50th Anniversary Caps

50th Anniversary Caps – Offered online at registration
To celebrate the DMSA 50th Anniversary, we will be offering DMSA Anniversary Caps at registration at a discounted price. There will be an option to purchase a cap when you register online.
The 50th Anniversary cap come only in red, however, you will have the ability to purchase team caps in the other colors as well for the same price later in the season by notifying your captain.
The 50th anniversary logo will be embroidered on the front of the cap. If you would like to put your first name on the cap, there is an option to do that too for only $3 more.
Here is the link with the model of the cap. We have a similar model for 4-8 years old as well.

If you purchase when you register online the price will be $25 (or $28 with your name)
The DMSA is charging you exactly what Lids is charging us. We are not making a profit on this.
We encourage you to take advantage of this great deal!







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